Windmill Story
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Aermotor A702 Windmill
Following the rash of deadly grass fires which plagued
the Texas Panhandle in the summer of 2006 this
A 702 Aermotor was salvaged from a melted
metal tower.

In the beginning I did not know it was an 8ft. A702 Aermotor.
It was just a windmill, in need of a new tower.
I would learn of the Aermotor history and heritage later.

The Plan: Clean it up, fill it with oil, put it in the air and let it spin. Just decoration.
The 2nd Plan: Bearings, easier now than later. Can't tell, might be 40 years old.
The Reality: Part# A-690,510,730,708,686,729,520,517,718,721,522,28.....
and a new stub tower. You know the story. The fact that your reading this
indicates you've likely already been there, or your fixin' to be!

First things first.
Scrape off the thick layer of grease, hit it with the power washer, and move it to the back yard.
It's easier to hide the fact you don't know what your doing there.

I spent hours on the internet searching out parts and information.
Only to find that Sun Belt Pump, the local Aermotor Dealer,
is about 1/2 mile from where I work!

Upon completion of the rebuild, cleaning up several previous repairs to the

tailbone, and building our version of a new vane.

It's time for the first assembly.


Our last project.

It may have taken longer to paint the mill and letter
the vane than to rebuild the motor.

With help from CadStd design software, a pile
of full dimensional rough sawn cedar is soon to be
a new home for the Aermotor.
sample drawings


About forty dollars invested to build this Gin Pole,
makes the actual lift an easy job.

As is installing the wheel arms.

Easy ends at mounting the sails, 20 feet up.

Standing the tower and installing the sails are

two tasks that require extra muscle.

As in neighbors, willing to help!

It's up and spinning. A lawn ornament.

And that will suffice, for about 2 weeks.


But what good is a windmill and the West Texas wind,

without a pump and well? Actually to drill a well, requires

a permit, which I could not have obtained. And around

$12,000, which I, well, could not have obtained!

So a 442 Series Midland Cylinder mounted

inside this Red Jacket pump, and

underground recirculation will have to do.


 (P.S. Lesson to be learned - Don't tell your parents
you would erect a windmill in your yard, if one
could be found, unless you are serious!)

Our real job